Because now a family member thinks she can throw a 'pinterest perfect' (my words, not hers) for my sister. But since she delegated most of the tasks to the other co-hosts, she is trying to micro-manage everyone (and especially me since her opinion of me is not very high) and it's making me so mad.

Whatever, I got my task: bringing plates, cups, cutlery, etc...It's done. And I am not worried about the party because it is going to be awesome. Wanna know how I know? Because it's an event for my sister. Everyone attending loves her and wishes her well. That's how you know it is a good party.

Harumph. Now get off my lawn.

ETA: I removed mysterious image. It was Nick from New Girl telling Winston he doesn't have to be the best. It wasn't even pinterest worthy. Whomp whomp.