In the last few weeks we have seen Meadowlark Lemon, David Canary, Maureen O’Hara, David Bowie,.Alan Rickman now Dan Haggerty.

I loved this show as a kid in the early 70s have not seen it since. Any other have fond memories. I just remember he was pals with a grizzly bear. He was also in the movie Easy Rider which I am sure many have seen.

The show was about a frontiersman who was falsely accused of murder. Here is the show opening yes the sing is exceedingly bad.


I also included a real good bio of Haggerty which explores his career.

So hug a bear in Dan Haggerty’s memory. Oh in your mind do this not literal.

Anyone here loved this show as a kid.

Anyone seen it since? I wonder if my memories will be let down by reality.