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Dan Harmon is the AT&T of People!


Because I REALLY REALLY LIKE Dan Harmon. I am so thrilled that Community is back on the air, and finally good again, I am beside myself. So right now, probably because I'm tired and therefore more conflicted and annoyed than usual, I am feeling two distinctly different things. One:


I adore this show. I think it was lousy without him. This show is my happy place. And that's probably why I'm annoyed over something so stupid. Damn, ya'll, now I know what it feels like to be offended about a throwaway line in a television sitcom. I feel like all those angry people shouting about the Big Bang Theory.

I guess the difference is that they probably didn't love the show to begin with.

I caught up on the first two new episodes last night, and it was so great to laugh out loud at Community again! I loved it.Except for that stupid joke Annie makes about being a pharmaceutical rep, where she brags that she knows the guy "who invented fibromyalgia, and the cure for fibromyalgia."


Cue me overreacting. I startled My Dear Emerson by saying, "Well, fuck you too, Anne Edison." Loudly. At the screen. To a fictional character.

Because seriously, bollocks to that, I am so sick of people enjoying the thought that all people with fibromyalgia are just stupid/gullible/crazy hypochondriacs/attention seekers who just think they have this magical disease that is SO MUCH FUN TO HAVE, I CAN SCARCELY BREATHE FROM LAUGHING. I know I love imagining that I'm in pain most of the day and exhausted at unpredictable times and can't ever sleep and generally have the energy of a woman twice my age. I love the physical therapy and the massages so painful that I cry because it's the only thing that helps break up the ischemic fascial lines. SRSLY. It's a blast.


Am I projecting here? Yep. Overreacting? Hells yes. Straw, camel's back, insert vaguely appropriate metaphor here. Also, I'm tired, so that's not helping. Because, you know. Can't sleep.

Anyway, this kept bugging me so I had to just shout it out here. Fuck you, Dan Harmon, even though I think you're amazing, for pissing me off with your stupid thoughtless one-liner. I'm still a huge fan of the show and will always love it and watch every single episode. I'm just reserving the right here to say:

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