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Welcome To The Bitchery

If someone could post that THE WORST! gif that would be great. I don't know who here listen's to Miami based sports radio talk show host Dan Le Batard. He has a show that gets syndicated nationally on ESPN Radio. He made some national headlines a few months ago for "selling" his Baseball HOF vote to Deadspin. I mainly listen because i laoth the Miami Heat and the tears of Heat fans and thier media homers have been a great source of nurishment, and i like hearing him bicker with Stugotz, his co-host. But the other day he said something really bad. It was during the last hour of the show when most of the affiliates had switched over to the USA-Ghana World Cup game. He was talking the Heat and then the first goal occured. Some soccer talk started which led to discussion on how to pronounce people from Ghana. According to Le Batard, they're called "Ghanaoreans"......

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Maybe i'm letting my bias show since i admit i don't like the Miami Heat. But come on, give me a break here.

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