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Dan Rather Presents Underground Sounds

I don't add many new bands to my playlists anymore. I think that's part of getting older. Your musical tastes set sometime between adolescents and early adulthood and everything you like after that sort of falls in the same sounds.

In 2013, I saw Moon Hooch open for They Might Be Giants in the Spring and then for Mike Doughty in October. I downloaded their album from Bandcamp.com after I say them the first time (they are now on Amazon) and only went to the second show to dance to their playing live. (And dance I did!)


They are one of the featured bands in this tv doc produced by Dan Rather about musicians playing in the NYC subway system. I'm only 15 minutes in and haven't seen them introduced, but they are playing the opening song. So far it's pretty good. There are a lot of famous musicians commenting.

The password is subway.

ETA: Moon Hooch is introduced at 31 minutes as the success story. They point out that they are a success story only in a spiritual sense because they get to play music, but they are pretty much homeless when at home in NY and spend most of their time living with each other in a van while they tour.


I found a gif and didn't have to go make one!

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