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Dana Loesch Takes On 'Ban Bossy'

I was unfamiliar with Dana Loesch until recently, when an internet research session led me to her. Eventually I spent some time watching clips of Loesch on Fox News, Piers Morgan, The View and her new show.

Her story is crazy to say the least: She was once a self-proclaimed liberal feminist, but is now a very conservative anti feminist. This all started when she had a son and had an "epiphany" that if she continued to be a feminist liberal, so wouldn't be a very good mom because she'd be helping raise her son in a "world that hates him" (I'm paraphrasing here, but that's her basic point). Also, she states that 9/11 was another catalyst for her evolution from liberal to conservative, saying that before 9/11 she never thought that an attack would happen on American soil, but after the attack she wanted to support a platform that encouraged defense spending.

I haven't heard many stories of once liberal feminists transitioning to feminist-bashing conservatives, so her whole story is pretty enthralling.


In the below clip from her show, she comments on the "Ban Bossy" campaign ... I'm trying to make sense out of it, but I just can't. Rather venomous about everything.

ETA: Also, I feel bad for giving her so many watches on her videos, but it was like a train wreck ... I just couldn't look away.

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