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I've been watching Dance Moms Collection on Netflix. I've never watched the show before, and there are things I just don't understand.

When I was a kid, my mother dropped me off at dance class. My mother picked me up from dance class. My mother did not sit in a room for an hour or more with other helicopter moms, bedazzling and complaining.

I don't understand how this show focuses on the moms. Are they just middle class equivalent Real Housewives? Non-working moms who have not much else to do but get way too invested in absurd minutiae? If my mom were constantly bickering with my instructor or other parents, I would be mortified and annoyed and distracted, and I'd insist on her not being there. I'd threaten to quit before I'd allow it to continue. Yes, even at age 8.


And the Candy Apples rivalry has got to be completely invented for the sake of the show, right? Because it makes no sense to me that adult women would be that cartoonishly, confrontational, petty, and competitive in front of children.

Maddie's a remarkable child, a natural star. I don't think it's necessarily unfair for a teacher to recognize and nurture an exceptional talent or to have a greater emotional connection to one kid, so why are the other moms constantly harping on it?

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