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Dances With Skunks


So, R.B. got sprayed by a skunk a couple days ago. We were walking along a dirt path near the house, and he was trotting off his leash about twenty feet ahead. Milo does not get to roam freely, because his fur would instantly be saturated with foxtails and burs. Without warning, this little skonk just pops out of the dry grass and goes nose to nose with Ricky. I thought it was a big squirrel at first, and he didn't know what the hell it was either, so they just stood and stared at each other until I called him back to me.

I put his leash back on and started walking in the other direction, and I was hopeful that we had gotten away unscathed. There was a split second when the skunk popped onto his front feet, but it didn't look like anything more than a minor standoff. Then R.B. starts sneezing, wrinkling his lips and making blah faces and it's like yep, he got you, dummy. I'd get a little whiff of it every now and then on the walk home so I knew it wasn't too bad. Just a little squirt rather than a full-on drenching.


For those who may not be aware: Rather than tomato sauce, the proper ingredients for de-skunking your dog are baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and a little bit of dish soap. You need those scrubbing bubbles to lift that skonk oil off the fur. Speed's important too, cause letting it dry isn't going to help matters any. That means I was damn lucky to have that stuff on hand in the first place. Does the job well, but I still smell a little right around his lips and between his eyes. I took it easy on cleaning those areas, and any spot you don't get in there and scrub is still going to be showing the effects. R.B. feels fine about the whole experience — he says it was on his bucket list.

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