I have an informal poll for my fellow GT-ers today: do you ever just randomly dance in your everyday lives, do you only dance in appropriate situations, or do you never dance at all?

Some context: if I'm at home with my roommate and I get a song stuck in my head, I might dance over to the kitchen to grab a glass of water rather than walking normally, and it doesn't embarrass me at all. Once we crack open a bottle of wine and put on some music, I am definitely going to be dancing around out living room. It just feels normal to me! I don't have any delusions or pretensions about being a good or sexy dancer, I just think dancing is this wonderful, natural expression of being happy and alive. And when music is on, I can't help myself! I feel like if there is a beat that you can feel with your body, nor moving along to that beat is basically impossible (unless you're in the audience at a symphony or whatever). I'd never dance in public if it was disruptive to the event, but around my house or at bars/clubs I will be the first one dancing!

But my roommate doesn't dance around like a silly child the moment we start drinking, preferring to wait until we get to the actual club. I have other friends who refuse to come out with me entirely, insisting that they "can't dance" and "have no rhythm." I'm not always the sexiest dancer in the club, but how can a living, breathing human being not be able to feel a beat? It's basically in our blood! I had a friend in middle school who would always claim to be "too white" (I know, that's really obnoxious), and I was always like, "I'm white too, it doesn't mean we can't dance!"

I'm not conventionally pretty and I was an awkward nerd in high school, but I believe in not giving a shit if you look "cool" and just having a good time, which means embracing our occasional awkwardness and being willing to laugh at ourselves. So why not dance? Is it really that big a deal if some stranger judges your dancing? And how will you ever get better without practice?

So, tl;dr: do you dance? Under what circumstances?