This is not Dancing With Derek. So sick of how the show is slanted towards him and his partner every season. Sitting on a table is not dancing, sliding off a table WE ALL can do. I like Amy, who is an inspiration but her mobility was limited from week one, this week she changed prosthetics and she moves all over the floor. Why didn't she wear that from week one? I feel manipulated. Candace, the teabagger/Palin/fundamentalist vote must be strong. Sorry Charlie should have stayed he was clearly the top two with Meryl being the best, Maks is right she is the best dancer. James no clue how he keeps staying, his dancing is good but nowhere near Charlie's level. If Derek/Amy win I think it will really damage the shows reputation, it will just prove Derek has an inside track. Amy isn't bad but nowhere near the level of Meryl/Charlie or even James. Candace well she clearly should have left weeks ago.