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Dani Alves is pretty awesome

This story is a couple weeks old, so forgive me if people have already seen this. I'm not a big soccer fan, so I just saw it and I thought it was great.


Dani Alves is a Brazilian who plays for Barcelona. At a soccer game in Spain, a racist shitbag of a fan threw a banana at Alves. Without missing a beat, he grabbed the banana, took a bite, and kept going.

And then he tweeted this:

Which roughly (Portuguese speakers, please correct me if I'm off) translates to:

My father always told me: Son, eat bananas to prevent cramping.

There was a visible response to the whole event, with other players and fans supporting him by tweeting pictures of eating bananas with the hashtag #somostodosmacacos (we are all monkeys). As it turns out, the whole thing was a bit of a planned media stunt, with Alves and his teammate Neymar agreeing they'd do this with the next banana that was thrown. But so what? I still like it.


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