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Daniel Holtzclaw: Cop on trial for raping/assaulting numerous black women

This case hasn’t been talked about much at all in the media and public discourse since the allegations first came to light almost a year ago. But currently in OKC 12 (all white) jurors are deliberating on 36 charges including numerous counts of rape and sexual battery. 13 women accused Holtzclaw of sex crimes.

(The story did start making more news last month when the all-white jury was picked. GT and TSB both hosted discussions on the story and suspect jury selection.)

The gist of the allegations is that Holtzclaw would stop black women walking or driving though predominately black neighborhoods and rape or sexually assault them—using threats of arrest to force them to comply.


The systematic racial and gendered abuse came to light when Holtzclaw tried to assault a woman who didn’t have a criminal record/wasn’t breaking any laws at the time she was pulled over. Because of her lack of “compromised” position she was able to report his actions. The investigation launched by her report exposed past assault against at least 13 black women.

Trial ended Monday and the jury has been deliberating since then.

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