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My journey to Hell started simple. My modem kept disconnecting from internet last weekend.

So my first few steps came Monday. I called Comcast. The hardware asked my Mac number and he said machine needs to be updated. He zapped my modem. I got zero disconnects.

Friday my journey took more steps down. We went to Comcast. They took the modem and the woman said “oh the modem is current but I will give you a tower it may be better”.


A tower. I wanted a box like what we had. Not the Godzilla of towers.

We then went for lo mein and a diet coke. Lo Mein was mall food court lo mein and delish. They put teriyaki sauce and my mother will add teriyaki sauce next time she cooks noodles. Peanut is still my fav.

We got home. I had to make room for the modem. The modem hooks into the cable box which hooks into the tv. Its a smart tv.

I hooked it up. Hell journey took a few more steps. I got a Xfinity Activation screen. My mother said “what is that”. I clicked on already a member. Hell journey really began with these error messages.


My mother called up Comcast. She then handed me the phone with another hardware guy.

I gave name, phone number. He said condescendingly “thank you sir”.

He told me to unplug modem. I told him I did and he said “tys” again same tone.

He then asked me to look at the lights on the modem. Third button kept blinking. I told him he said same tone “tys”. He asked me to unplug modem. Well repeat of last few sentences.


This went on for over 45 minutes. Plugging and unplugging with him saying tyses every time I spoke. Finally third light was solid.

My smarttv well I went to google.com and it said “page not found”. I said that my setup with wires is identical to what I had this morning with first machine and I was connected.


He transferred me to the video department. Name, phone number, stated my problem again. She had me go into setup on my smarttv and she said everything sounded good.I read off configuration to her.

Hell descent was going more rapidly. She sent me to the internet department. Now on phone for one hour twenty minutes.


Internet guy. Or as I call this the Ninth Circle of Hell.

IG asked for my name, phone and problem. I was beyond annoyed with this. He said what’s the setup. I described it. He zapped my internet. I tested to see if my smart tv showed anything and nope just page not phone.


IG said he could shut off the internet AND phone connection. I repeated it. My mother also annoyed shook her head no quite vigourously. I asked “you will call back?”. He said “no you have to call back and speak to someone from internet department”. I said “isn’t this the internet department?”. He said yes but n guarentees I will speak with him.

I said “no”. He then said “let me try zapping it and you should call Sony”.

SONY!!!!! Pain skyrocketed with the stress. The hardware configuration was identical. This was THEIR equipment. One modem should be as compatible as the other.


He said “sorry” and hung up.

One hour AND thirty minutes with them.

Dante was wrong Hell is Comcast.

I ended up going back to settings on my smart Sony tv and randomly changed an internet seting on my smart tv and it worked.

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