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Dark Carousel By Christine Feehan Laughable Description on Back Page and Video

We went out for a short time to the grocery store and I saw the newest Christine Feehan Carpathian novel is out in paperback. Did you know on her homepage and youtube there is a laughable video trailer. Since when do books have video trailers. Why is the Carpathian all bulked up? Why do the vampires look like they have poor hygeine?


A mortal woman and Carpathian male share a bond. She restores Carousel Horses and the Carpathian male is a renowned collector of Carousel Horses.

All I can think of does Mike and Frank from American Pickers know about this Carpathian Carousel Horse collector? Will we see an episode or two of American Pickers.Meets The Carpathians.


I stopped at book 7. This is book 30. Seriously people read this series? All 29 books prior? Dark Prince and Dark Gold were good but the sex scenes were so hugely over the top in retrospect it seemed Feehan channeled Donald Trump with literal earthquakes and thunder when Carpathian Male and Mortal Female have sex.

The description in the first link is just so downright laughable. Its also the description of back cover which I read at grocery store.


Do we have a human sacrifice who will read this novel and review it? Hey I read and reviewed Humans Bow Down by James Patterson and cowriter. It can’t be worse then Humans Bow Down.

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