So a few months ago I got transferred to juvenile court (I'm a defense lawyer), where there's a lower caseload and, technically, less at stake. Kids can't get put away for as long as adults can and they have a shot at a clean record.

I was put in there because the last gal wasn't liked by the judge. I love the staff at the courtroom, I like my clients, and my coworkers treat me like dirt. They say my job is part-time. When I went on vacation, they had to be on call to cover me, which is annoying - but they acted like it was the end of the world.

But forget them dumping on me - I can take it, even though it makes work crappy. My clients get screwed over because juvenile court is "not a priority." When I have to help out in adult court, the higher ups' answer is to send someone else in to cover my trials, meetings, etc., so that kids and parents who have been working with me for months or weeks are suddenly in the hands of someone they've never met before. Fine, they're not facing much time, but it matters to them.


I texted my old boss and am going to start looking elsewhere, but in the meantime I have to get through this somehow. I would love some encouragement from Groupthinkers who have been there!