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Darn it, i found a perfect scene for a gif and i can't find it anywhere online.

I was watching Season 3 of Star Trek Deep Space Nine last night and got to the episode "Civil Defense". It's an episode where a anti-revolt computer program gets activated and the crew has to shut it down before it destroys the station. As the episode progresses the situation goes from bad to worse. Quark ahd decided to hide in Odo's office but eventually the program enacted force fields everywhere including the office door. Odo suspected the Cardassians would have wanted to keep him out and Quark comments that it was because they knew it was an honorable man and would do the right thing and that his integrity would get them all killed. Well, after hearing that all Odo can do is face palm and it works so perfect that i knew i wanted to GIF it, was sadly i can't find that scene on YouTube anywhere. Anyone have any experience taking video from a network site to thier hard drive? The full episode is on CBS.com but obviously you can't download it.


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