Last night I was asked out by a guy on OK Cupid but wow I am so blind to being asked out that I needed some help in figuring out what to say.

The date went well. He was on time (early, actually) and met me as I was coming up from the parking structure. He was very nice, kind, smart, tall.

I didn't feel like, sexy sparks or anything but it was a nice first date. Especially for me because I deal with really really terrible men a lot. This one was refreshingly unhorrible.

So we saw an exhibit of movie costumes and spent ages in there talking about film and costumes and what movies we like and all that sort of thing. He asked if I wanted to go see other things at the museum and as I love art stuff, I said sure. We watched this cool light installation in a white room that messes with your perception of color.


When we left the museum, he asked if we could see each other again when he gets back from Japan (that's where he's going for the next two weeks). I said yea and smiled and he got this huge smile on his face and it was cute. Then he gave me a super awkward hug.

Should I text him to let him know I had a good time? I think I was super weird and awkward and nervous. That might have come off like I wasn't happy.


UPDATE: OH and I forgot to mention that he brought up mansplaining and how he got called out on doing it by some chick once (GO HER) and now he's much more conscious of it and actively avoids doing it.

UPDATE 2: I sent him a text about having a good time and he sent me one back saying we should see one of the movies I haven't seen together. :)