Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Guys, things are just not going my way with this guy shit. Listen to what happened yesterday:

First he's late by about 30 minutes and made me meet him someplace other than what we had originally agreed on. Not a huge deal, but not the most courteous move either. Anyway, he shows up and is like "Uh...do you really wanna go to the museum? Cause I don't. Let's just walk around." Uh....okay. So we walk and talk and there isn't a great amount of chemistry but it's not a terrible time. But he said some things that were pretty alarming too. Like how he recently hooked up with a girl from OKC after talking to her for like 10 minutes and when he got to her house she was wasted and smoking weed. And he STILL had sex with her. Ew. Ew. EW!


After about 30 minutes he says he needs to take his dog for a walk. So we go to his apartment and instead of walking his dog, he wants to makeout. I stupidly made out with him a tiny bit but was completely guarded and not terribly responsive. He eventually realized that I was not going to sleep with him and then says, "So...I like have this thing to go to at 8. I mean, you could come but...damn I'm gonna be pretty busy".

I'm seriously considering deactivating my OKC account and just living a life of eternal singledom. I literally have not been out with a SINGLE person all year who didn't just want to fuck me at their convenience. Has anyone else been through this? Surely there are men out there who actually want to....I don't know...respect women?

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