I guess I'm kinda starting to date again...maybe...

I've been texting one guy but not sure that I see it going anywhere other than maybe friends. We're supposed to meet up for the first time and hang out on Saturday so we'll see. He's into making video games or something- I don't know...

I met up with someone for lunch yesterday and when I first saw him and he started talking it threw me off. I just didn't match his face with his voice. He came off a little- I don't know what the word is- show-offy maybe (I know that's not a word). Eventually I changed my perception about him as we got to talking more. I just feel I need to be careful because people appear to be very smooth to me and I tend to get excited and fall for it... I semi-invited him over last night and then kinda told him we should wait to go over to each other's place. I was kind of excited to see him again but I'm not sure it would have been a good idea...

This other guy messaged me yesterday but he started saying that there were certain "clothing items" that turned him on and he gave me a little " ;)" in his message and said he really likes curves and blah blah. He sent me a pic and just looks like a guy that is up to something. I stopped messaging him because I got bad vibes. He didn't have a picture up on his profile because he didn't want to run into any of his students on there (he's a doc student too). He messaged me the following after I didn't reply for like an hour (another red flag):

Any other questions/curiosities? (9:54)

You're curiously silent... (9:54)

Ok beevee, you didn't get back to me. May you be steeped in serenity and such. (20 minutes ago)


(Serenity is in my screenname).