Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I like to think that I’m really fucking clear about what I’m looking for on my profile. No hidden agendas, no secret messages, just “Here I am and what I’m about.”

So it is particularly frustrating when it takes a second date for the guy to say that he doesn’t want to get married when my profile states that that is exactly what I’m looking for. And then he tries to make me justify WHY and doesn’t accept my “it’s an emotional desire” as sufficient. I’m sick of men asking me to logically explain to them why I want to get married when they don’t.


If you don’t, then 1) don’t ask me out, and 2) stop trying to make me explain myself when even if I laid out my explanation to your liking, you wouldn’t change your mind anyway.

At least I got some sushi out of the evening.

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