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Firstly, I want to thank everyone for their kind words and super empathetic and insightful advice on my BIL posts. I will update you all once I have something important to say on the matter. Tonight I am headed over for a sleepover with my niece (and her kitten!) and hope that everything goes well. She is the absolute love of my life and nothing (even her father) will take that away.

Now...for my actual post.

I told you guys that I was dating someone new and that he's awesome and nice and ALL THE GREAT THINGS. But I think I figured out why I managed to snag someone so awesome before someone else scooped him up.


He's really successful and does all these conferences where he travels around the country speaking about his field. This means that he works a lot. Which obviously means that work is his #1 priority and he doesn't always see me as much as my needy little heart would like. Normally this wouldn't even bother me because I LOVE space! And I actually really like that we aren't seeing each other all. the. fucking. time. But because things are new I am always thinking "Wait! If he liked me he'd see me!" even though I know for a 150% fact that he is across the country giving a workshop all week.

But this is silly because we still talk. He still checks in to see how my day is. He still makes sure to connect with me when he has a free moment. But I still go fucking nuts thinking about "OMG WHAT IF THE LAST TEXT I SENT MADE HIM HATE ME AND THAT'S WHY HE HASN'T TEXTED ME BACK YET. HE WILL NEVER LOVE ME. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME?". No Ravenzmane. He is busy. He has a demanding career. He likes you. He really likes you! Just...relax.

I've just never dated anyone like this before so I'm not really used to being the one who requires more space. *I* am always the one who needs more space. But now that I'm on the receiving end of this I sometimes get a tad batty. Am I nuts? Is this normal? Do any of you have experience with dating people who are legit tied up with work stuff a lot? I know a huge part of this is me being totally in love (which has not been verbally established yet because it's only been like 1 1/2 months and god dammit I am NOT saying it first!) and that love makes you nutty in it's first stages. Meeehhhhhhh.

Now, for an adorable gif!

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