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Dating by Deceit?

Recently a friend asked if I wanted to watch a movie over pizza with him and another friend. Bonus: I get to pick the movie, so I won't end up watching some shit like Mrs Brown's Boys D'Movie. (Apologies to any Mrs Brown's Boys fans who have stumbled across this post.)

I agreed and started to figure out which horror movies that I am too frightened to watch alone I would most like to see. Current candidates: The Descent and Halloween.

But every time I suggest a day for this movie night, he claims that the other friend is unavailable. When I get in touch with this other friend, he agrees that he is unavailable but won't suggest a day when he is available. He is normally the most available person ever and nobody else seems to be having trouble making plans with him.


I'm pretty sure my friend is interested in me romantically and it is not reciprocated. I'm pretty sure that I'm being set up here and I'm really not happy about it.

But I don't want to have it out with him in case I'm wrong. I've just gone quiet on it for the past week or so, but he keeps asking me when.

Would it be super rude to suggest we invite a few other people? I'm a little reticent because it's his apartment. I'd invite a few other people and then do it at my place but I have the world's smallest television.

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