So I'm still seeing this guy I met a couple months back. The guy that will probably be leaving my city to travel for extended periods and may not move back. This is also the guy I've had, and continue to have the best sex ever with.

He is amazing in every way and we often talk about feminism, global issues, and all kinds of intellectually stimulating/interesting stuff. Usually while we're naked, between the first and second hour of sex.

However, I'm feeling a bit of a conflict about my breast implants because of a conversation we had on our first date. Basically he was like 'yea to me implants are just a sign of insecurity' etc etc which made me feel a little weird, obviously. At that point I didn't know what was going to happen so I didn't say anything.

He loves my boobs. He thinks they're amazing; last time we saw each other he practically waxed poetic about them. Clearly he can't tell that they're implants. They are jiggly, responsive, and just look like really nice boobs.

Should I even bother telling him? I mean, if they're exactly the same as 'real' breasts, aren't they basically real too? I am not ashamed of getting implants; I had a breast deformity that I had surgically corrected. But I feel like he might not react well. Like the classic 'it was hard to tell someone, and now they're mad because you didn't tell them, even though they gave you a reason not to but honesty is the best policy but now you've waited too long and its weeeird'. Like he'll think it was dishonest of me, or that somehow having implants makes my boobs less awesome, even though he can't tell.

So Jezzies, what should I do? I kind of feel like the fact that they're implants doesn't change who I am or the fact that they're awesome. I don't even think of them like that because they fit me perfectly and feel exactly like homegrown breast tissue. The only reason I feel weird is because of the passing comments he made about implants on our first date.