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Dating HELP!!

So, I met a guy through friends recently. He asked me out, and we are going on a date this weekend.

He seems to be a great guy.

Our mutual friend high-fived me the other day and told me that he was asking about me after we met. Which made me all giddy and happy.


But then she told me that he made a comment "I usually go for the teeny-tiny girls, but I'm really interested in her."

I am decidedly plus-size. While I consider my friend to be thin, I can understand that she isn't magically exempt from body image issues. She had that tone of "Go you! Score one for the bigger girls!"


I'm just kind of freaking out about that sentence. Like, I haven't dated in years, and I've never been in the position of being the first not-thin woman dated by the guy.

I already am really self-conscious about eating in front of new people. And we met under really flattering lighting conditions, so I'm worried that I'll start becoming hyper-aware of lighting and shit like that.


I'm also really disappointed. He's a pretty average looking guy. I was just hoping that maybe he'd dated women of multiple body types. Like, my immediate thought after she told me that was "How can I compete with that? There are rolls and stretchmarks and flub and chub."

I'm trying not to be negative here, but I don't know how this is going to go well. I mean, there is such a huge difference between "teeny-tiny" and size 18.


Anybody have experience in this with some advice? I could use it!

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