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Dating is hard, part 3,927

I'm excellent company. I'm smart, funny, a great conversationalist, and generally very pleasant to spend time with. I'm also pretty damn good-looking. And yet I keep going on dates with single dads who are newly-ish single who are in the "thrilled to have adult interaction" zone. You know what? I'm tired of being their entertaining adult interaction. I want someone to be attracted to me, not just need another adult human to talk to.

And to be honest, I'm starting to question how attractive/awesome I really am. I seriously have never had this much trouble dating before, and I think I look better than I ever have. So I guess it's something else. Maybe I should just have a commitment ceremony with my cats, because it looks like it's going in that direction.


ETA: It hit me like a ton of bricks tonight. Most men don't like funny women. Most white men, particularly. It makes their dicks shrink.


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