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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Dating is Weird?

Here is your weekly Gnomewhine about dating. My bestie some months ago was like, “You should meet my friend from high school, he’s really cool and also single”. Can’t hurt to meet anyone, so we sort of all hung out at a party but I was also sort of seeing someone at the time so it was very casual. And then when that person and I stopped seeing each other a bunch of people in our friend group including Dude and I hung out and watched stupid movies and generally had a good time.

He ended up being at her mom’s for Christmas since he lives close by, which is also where I was. He drove us all home and that was nice. Then today we were talking on Facebook (kids and their technology) and we’re going to Star Wars together on NYE. Is this a date? Is it not a date? Is it sort of a date but not really? WHO KNOWS!


Compound this with the fact that a few weeks ago I had a Tough Conversation with an ex about Feelings and he sort of stood me up this weekend, I am having a very confused little Gnomelife.

Tell me of your dating adventures, GT!

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