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Hello friends! I just had a first date with a guy from Tinder—the second guy I have met on Tinder so far (things faded away with the first guy). Idk if there will be a second date with this guy because I was not really feeling a spark I guess? And we had a nice enough time but I didn’t get the sense that he was super attracted to me either. He didn’t run off or anything but I think he was more flirtatious over the app than he was in real life—he seemed more reserved in person. So I guess we just didn’t have that connection.

These days I am all over Tinder and I am cautiously optimistic about it. So far I am having a good time, just reading profiles and having conversations with people. It’s fun and it feels low pressure to me. I don’t feel like I have this big weight on me to find something perfect right away. My anxiety around men and dating is wayyyy less than it used to be and I am feeling more able to relax and enjoy dating, which is exciting!

Also, I have now started going all *cRaZy* and occasionally sending the first message to guys instead of waiting to be messaged by them! I sent one guy a message just a few minutes ago and I thought he seemed nice from his profile but there was nothing there that provided a great conversational opener, so I had to go with “hey, what’s up?” which I know is a dumb first message so who knows if he’ll reply. My own Tinder profile is fairly long because I think it gives some good topics for people to pick up on when they message me.


I asked two friends if opening with something like that is okay, and they were split. One said that since we are already matched it’s fine to open with essentially just a greeting, unlike on OKCupid where your first message is introducing you to that person. The other one said I should try to reference something from their profile when possible, which I agree with in general!

What are your thoughts? I sort of agree with both of my friends to an extent. Also, dating OT!

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