Hi GT!
On December 30th, I messaged a gentleman on OKCupid, prior to my move back to New Haven from San Francisco. If you had told me a year ago that I'd meet an Ivy League Graduate/former Sergeant in the Marine Corps, who adores me, accepts me unconditionally, AND acknowledges the fact that he's playing 3rd wheel in this relationship to Liam Neeson, I would have laughed in your face.

Littlefinger (as I've been calling him) has made my heart soar- and his only fault so far is his staunch belief that I am a Targaryen and not a Stark. Another example of his awesomeness? (TW: WEIGHT) My Grandfather, whom I take of during the day, made a disparaging comment about my weight. I texted Littlefinger, telling him about that, along with:

"Excuse me as I crawl into a hole and die. I'm so triggered right now."
His retort?
"He says things that he doesn't mean. You know that. You are stunning. I don't date basics. You and I will both work towards our goals. Just understand that I adore you, just the way you are. Don't stress about it."

2 years ago today began my spiral towards my darkest hour. But now, looking back, I realize that there is always a way out of the Inferno- sometimes all that's needed is a Virgil to guide the way.

Also, my ex that I worked with at the Red Sox texted me the morning after Littlefinger and I became "official," asking to take me to dinner. Too bad, so sad; I'm glad you're in my rear view. There's no place I'd rather be, than nestled in The Lord of The Vale's arms. I never thought that I could be with- or that I even deserved-someone like this. But I'm so glad that we traversed the waters of OKCupid and found each other.