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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Dating woes/ essays?

So I am putting together a small trade type magazine for the boudoir studio I work for. This will be passed along to doctor's offices, car dealerships ( for waiting room reading material), and given to our clients. I'd love to put in a tales from dating sites kind of article (without names and pictures), and can trade ad space for it. I know that's not as good as cash, but right now I can't pay for the articles ( I have to prove it's profitable first). I know that is a problem, so if it isn't worth the time I get it.

So on the off chance someone would like to send something in, I'd love to have it, and can give a half page ad for it.


So far, all the submissions I have are on how women should change themselves for the men on their lives. We are a photoshop free, woman positive studio- that's just not going to fly for us.

Email me at e_maggard@yahoo.com if you are interested.

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