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Daughter & BF, lawyers work on Saturdays?and volleyball...

This has been the best weekend. :) We're starting to see a ray of hope* in Daughter's stuff, Daughter & her BF (who we really really like, btw) came out the other day and stayed with us for a few days, which has been awesome.

Except/because we drank wayyyyy too much Thursday night, then had to haul our asses up to go watch my youngest daughter's last first volleyball scrimmage Friday... wait, what? She's a senior in HS this year, so everything's going to be my last this or that. Then today, another scrimmage. Can you believe her first season game is next week.... but school starts at the end of August? Crazy to me. I also almost got in a fight (wth???) with a woman whose husband had, no lie, "White" on one arm, "Pride" on the other. I did not know this when I offered innocuous information (that they were going to play longer because the nazi-families coach wanted to).. this was almost enough to get my ass kicked because... she's trash and pissed? Dunno. Know it'd have been worse if I knew about the nazi thing because I haven't ever been in a fight but I'm tired of being nice.

Anyway, lots of good stuff.

PLUS, BDL (big deal lawyer) just emailed me tonight, making me feel all warm and fuzzy and scared at how wordy I can be, because I probably got billed for him to read my email. I'm not gonna let you finish, Kanye, this is $300 an hour! (Reduced rate from 325, at first I was like "uh, well, ok..." now I'm like OMG THANK YOU.)


Anyway, happy AuntK is happy this weekend. Hope you're all the same.

*Nothing huge, but I'm hoping to be able to share some more stuff by Tuesday. Also, I'm terrified, because some stuff happens early next week, but we're not focusing on that right now. What we're focusing on is BDL getting his letter out Monday, hopefully. And finally, she begs for money, but it's a more low key beg, because the retainer is covered, you guys. You're the absolute best.

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