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I wrote about him before when he was diagnosed with dementia. I recall how much my late grandmother loved him and The Partridge Family. We watched the syndicated show in the 70s and she loved his voice and really loved his looks. Ok yes shamefully she objectified him. She would have been in her 60s.

Whenever I hear of him I think of my late grandmother.

Note I do not know if there is a connection to his alcoholism and his organ failure.


His father Jack died at 49 from a fire in his home its believed it involved him smoking, drinking and sleeping. He was also a heavy drinker. Not sure if alcoholism is inheritable or there is just a higher risk for addiction. He was also a well known celeb and actor not award winning actor but better then B movie.

He comes from an incredibly talented family. His stepmother is Shirley Jones and half brother is Shaun Cassidy, a singer in his own right he was a good singer who did an annoying remake of Do Run Run. Also produced and wrote one of the best 90s series American Gothic. He also wrote for other series including Cold Case. You all know the awesomeness of Shirley Jones. Shaun is her son btw.

The article is here.

Is it wrong to remember him for how he looked like in the 70s and his impact on society.

The Partidge Family starred David and Shirley in case some never watched the show.

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