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David Corn What A Creep

David Corn who works for Mother Jones had a history of really in appropriate behavior sexual in nature.

His behavior was patting on backs, shoulder rubs and sexual comments about rape case making women who worked for him uncomfortable. He claims the first two were not sexual. Pats on back if done equally to both genders totally invasion of ones space at the very least, sexual could be. Totally wrong and should never be done.

Shoulder rubs. Sorry I am not buying they were not sexual. I recall a nun in the fifth grade who about twice a week during class said her shoulders were stiff and if a male student could rub her shoulders. She was in her 30s attractive and boys always raised their hand and offered. After a month she said the principal asked her to stop, she said it sadly. Of course it was sexual.. Not that her looks had anything to do with it but it made us boys wanting to do it. Need a shoulder rub see a massause, want to give a shoulder rub ar work change professions to a job like a massause or sports trainer, of course if clients get a whiff its sexual on your part, bye, bye job.


He is smart enough to know when talking about rape cases what comments he should and should not say. Being able to communicate is literally his job. Give me a break.

Shoud he be fired? Weinstein and Halperin are far worse cases. Yet shoulder rubs sorry there is no way I believe they were not sexual. Also creating a hostile workplace with his rape comments. You can talk about rape cases without doing it in a way that does not make a hostile environment. Being a magazine talking about rape cases is probably common. He knew better.

Personally he should have been let go years ago. The acts of Halperin and Weinstein yeah they need to be fired. I would. He created a hostile environment with the rape comments and the shoulder rubs I would interpret the shoulder rubs as sexual in nature therefore he used women who working for him to get sexual pleasure. He needs to go like that nun did which was sexually exploitive although that was also sexual child abuse. I would fire him.

Also patting on back, what’s wrong with “good job”. Don’t touch an employee except for a handshake on first meeting or to save their life. Simple. Not hard.


I have no idea if the nun is still teaching. She would be in her 70s so its possible. In college I had a nun teacher who was pushing 80.

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