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David Keresh, Jim Jones and Ben Carson have what in common

All were Christian Fundamentalists, all believed in gun rights, ALL believed in concept of End Of Days. Sorry this combo makes you way too dangerous to be president. Once you believe we are in or approaching end of days nothing would stop you from believing that God wants you to hasten it. Or worse believing that End of Days should lean towards God not Allah thus leading to a nuclear strike in Syria or Iraq. I really think this combo gives one a license to do anything since dying and being in heaven is more important then the future.

Makes me wonder if Christian Fundamentalists today are really more aligned with the beliefs of Keresh and Jones then anything based on reality. I had a teacher in hgh school who was a Brother who firmly believed Revelation was not just written for the time it was written but written by a man who was seriously mentally ill he also believed the book of Revelation causes more harm then good and should not be part of Bible.

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