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Rachel Maddow showed a snippet of his answer on civic ignorance and how it leads to dictatorships. A person who claims they have the solution and fix everything. He ties this into civic ignorance. Its chilling to watch when you realize it happened so quickly.

The concept of ignorance was so radically flipped in 2008 when we had a VP candidate who embraced ignorance. Sarah Palin.was that VP candidate. Who preached education meant the elites who want to control everything. Who mocked education as being antiChristian and elitism.


Where common sense was seen more important then education. Of course wanting to remain ignorant is NOT common sense yet they believed it was. That clinging to one’s Bible and gun was smarter then being educated aka elite.

Souter is correct the problem is we live in a world where ignorance is a badge of honor. Until we fix this the problem will not go away.

This video should be seen in high schools as a warning what civic ignorance leads to.

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