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Dawgs playing with matches

Or the stove.

Near disaster narrowly averted tonight. I left home for my workday at 6 am and returned home at 7 pm. Long day for me & longer day for my dawgs.

They counter surf. It's what Retriever mixes do. When i say "they" its because I can't figure out who is the guilty puppy, so I blame them both. Last week was a spice jar full of Rosemary & a canister of coarse sea~salt.


Today, when they decided to counter surf, they pawed the burner knob. I walked in to the SNAP, SNAP, SNAP sound of the stove ignition. I was like, "Crap! The house is full of gas". Nope. The burner ignited, pawed to HIGH. On top of the flame (because squalor) was a metal cookie pan with a wooden cutting board, plastic mixing bowl & assorted wooden utensils. The actual heat in the kitchen was palpable.

I don't know if they did this at 6 am or 15 minutes before I came home. I had 3 offers of evening drinks & I said I have to go home first to feed the dawgs. Good thing.

I am one Lucky Person. And I still love those asshole counter surfers. Calling my homeowners insurance company tomorrow to make sure I'm up to date. Wshew.

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