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Dawn Simulators

I am thinking about buying a Dawn Simulator. I do not have a diagnosis of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) , but I am visibly moodier in the winter, have a ridiculously difficult time getting up and can identify with nearly all of the symptoms of SAD. I live in the Canadian Prairies, so even though the time change just happened, soon enough it will be pitch black until nearly 8am every day.

I found this one for $40 online. Basically you plug your own lamp into it with an incandescent lightbulb, set it up and it will slowly get brighter in your room so you wake up!


There is even REAL research on dawn simulators! Real as in, published in actual journals..

Have any of you ever used a Dawn Simulator? Did you like it? Did it help you? Am I just too excited about the possibility of not wanting to cry (not exaggerating, sometimes I cry) when my alarm goes off every morning during the winter?

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