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Day 1 of the "clean eating challenge"

Since people were asking me to let them know how this meal plan goes, I decided to write up my first day. Here are the recipes:

Well, first of all, I woke up barfing this morning before I even ate anything. So that was a fun start to the morning... I decided to do day number 1 anyways, once my stomach settled down, because I spent a lot of money on groceries, and they make weekday lunches super portable but weekend ones not so much, so it would have thrown everything off to start a day late. So anyways, it's just kind of hard to tell how this food is making me feel, since I started the day on such a wonky note. But, given that caveat, here's what I thought:

The kale and banana smoothie was just okay. This could very well be because I've never made a "green" smoothie before and I couldn't get the kale to blend perfectly. So it looked mostly right, but possibly a little...leafier...than it was supposed to be.


Luckily everything else was delicious. Cutting ribbons out of asparagus was much harder than I anticipated, but otherwise lunch was a breeze. The snacks were really filling when I was starting to get hungry between meals. And the dinner prep went by much faster than I thought it would. I spent about an hour on it start to finish, and the last 10 minutes was just waiting for the chicken to finish cooking. Given that I was making bigger batches of stuff to last me throughout the week, I was surprised by how quick and easy it was.

Anyways, aside from the barfing, today was pretty fun. I didn't feel too hungry, although I definitely got a couple of sugar cravings.

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