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My university's TAs and GAs have been on strike for the past two weeks now. We've been picketing all entrances to the university, delaying cars coming in and going out while the employer refuses to come back to the bargaining table.

This week, the university announced classes would be restarting, despite the ongoing strike, and man, are drivers angry. I've been talking to cars driving in about the strike and how long they can expect to wait (5 minutes) and most people are nice and understanding, or they just ignore me and don't roll down their windows. But today, a guy almost ran over my foot because he accelerated without giving me warning while I was listening to him berate me at his car window. We've had drivers attack picketers, hit picketers with their cars and threaten the women on the line with gun violence. People man. I'm tired. I was joking with some of the other students that talking to cars reminds me of working retail, but at least none of my customers were ever encased in metal murder machines.


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