I'm tired!

I don't remember retail being this hard. So many people, so many questions, so much crying. I feel like the whole world changed in the four (4!) months I was gone. All of my coworkers have been super happy to see me, just ridiculously excited that I'm back. My manager though? Not happy. Not happy at all. We had an excellent relationship before I left, so I have NO idea why she's being so chilly and rude now. It's pretty unprofessional and I'm not feeling it.

Thankfully, my customers are making up for it. I work in a place that has a lot of repeat customers, so I know them by name and they know me. A few of my favorite older ladies came in today, and when they saw I was back, I got many many hugs, and a free coffee! I really forgot how fantastic and adorable my 'Sunday ladies' are. I teach people how to use electronics, and since I've been gone, these 3 ladies have stopped coming to the store as consistently. It makes me so happy that I can influence random people like that! It's just a good feeling.

Now it's time for Angry Orchard and chili dogs. Oh, and some gifs, because why not?