Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

How did it go? Do you feel any different or notice any differences on this end of it?

I have done 21 days but, having meditated a couple of times without the app, I still have a couple of the guided meditations to go through. Personally, I’ve absolutely noticed a difference and have decided to keep up with a daily practice.


The big differences for me are:

  • I’m sleeping better! Like, so much better! I’ve had a couple of time when I’ve woken up in the middle of the night but those have been due to cats/need to pee, not because my brain’s running a million miles a minute.
  • I’m dreaming again? I don’t think I was cognizant of the fact that I haven’t been dreaming for a long time, at least not regularly. Now, I’m dreaming every night and they’re vivid and I can remember them. It’s amazing!
  • I feel like I’m noticing small, nice things more, like when a cashier is really friendly or my coffee’s esp. good. And I’ve been more likely to compliment other folks or strike up conversations. This has been really good for me.

How about you? Will you keep up a daily meditation practice? Are there any resources you found esp. helpful?

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