Is anyone else attempting to work and support themselves this week and just thinking WHAT IS THIS WHAT AM I DOING and started figuring out how to quit even though you weren’t considering it before? Has the slightest internet comment almost sent you off on a killing spree and then you watch your friend come fight with your old coworker and then someone unfriends you and you’re like BUT I WAS GOING TO BE THE ONE TO UNFRIEND!? Has anyone else accidentally ripped a leg off of their cheap coffee table by kicking it in frustration when you dropped a pile of male that was all FUCKING GARBAGE JUNK MAIL as if the world isn’t ending?

I’m being very liberal with my Facebook fighting, which is normally something I try to keep under wraps, but I’m kind of in burn it down mode. I have lengthened and split off my Obligatory Facebook Screed into pieces addressed at different audiences. I don’t think there will be one person who likes me after I’m done. I’m hitting everyone - conservatives, people who didn’t vote, white feminists, white liberals, men, women. Tonight, I released my rant against white liberals. Tomorrow: people who voted third party or abstained.