Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Day Drinkin'

I’m on day three of my four-day-weekend before the start of what will surely be one of the more uncomfortable months of my life, and I’ve had 3 glasses of gin and fizzy strawberry lemonade. I feel niiiice. Just sittin’ here, plastic wine glass in hand, cleaning out the dvr, which had far more old episodes of stuff than I thought. Who’s with me?


There was time spent on a hammock, some of which involved reading; some of which involved cat-napping. Hammocks are amazing. Very useful when trying to feel zen. Now I’m thinking about finishing this bottle of fizzy strawberry lemonade and trying to talk myself out of switching over to gin & fizzy cherry limeade. It is an excellent distraction from thinking about what’s coming for me. It helps with living in the moment. Okay, I’ll continue, switching flavors when the bottle’s empty!

What are you drinking? How are you enjoying your weekend?

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