Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I just started dating someone new not long ago. Things started out strong as hell, but we had a lot in common and I’ve known of him for some time. He’s mid 30s but not really experienced in dating. Mostly everything has been pretty good, but last night freaked me out and I’m sick to my stomach.

We were in bed after a bottle of wine and he wouldn’t stop touching me after I was done. I asked him numerous times to quit it and I literally had to pull him off me to stop. Then he said “I won’t stay away for long.” I said leave me alone. He left and got shitfaced (new behavior.. but RED FLAG). He came back and started the same shit. I kicked him off and when he fell asleep I left. Within minutes he was calling asking me where I was and came over my place, demanding I speak to him after I texted him and told me to please leave me alone. My landlord checked in on me but I left for the night to clear my mind.


I just needed to share. I can’t get back with him. I was contemplating speaking with him, maybe this was all a miscommunication but that was so fucked. Thanks for listening

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