1 Well we were slightly delayed leaving. Across the street the city was taking down a neighbors tree. I understand the city taking down a tree that’s on the grass between the sidewalk and the street but this was on the lawn in front of the sidewalk. It should have come down, very tall and angled towards the street and powerlines. They did it quickly. I was surprised city did it though since it was clearly on the neighbors lawn. Unless it was deemed a risk to traffic.

2 At the mall Is elevator etiquette still taught to kids? I recall as a five year old my mother or grandmother pulling me aside while waiting for the elevator when the door opened and people stepped out.

So anyways two people were waiting for the elevator when I arrived. They were 20 somethings. Well elevator comes, doors open. Now correct etiquette is to stand aside and let those in the elevator exit. Once they cleared the door and behind you that is when you step in. Well not one of the two waiting. Door opens and he steps right in forcing the four inside to part around him like Moses and the Red Sea. He then went into the back of the elevator. The four exiting cleared out. The other 20 something entered then I did. Being last as soon as I entered I turned and faced the door.

Now elevators go by usually a FILO system. Like 99 percent of time. That is first in last out. If this Moses was in a rush his logical option would have entered last in the elevator thus being first out. By stepping in first he had to go to back of elevator to make room.

Regardless entering into an elevator while folks are exiting is bad etiquette. When the door opens you stand to the side of the doors letting all those in exit.


What happened to etiquette and politeness.

3. My mother and I always go our seperate ways at the mall. For some odd reason she hates Gamestop and Target. We met for mall Chinese food. Then left.


4. We went to a thrift shop after. They sell magazines. Did you know Goodwill does not? This thrift shop has a magaine rack of them. There were a bunch named Sedona magazine. Anyone familiar with them? It seems New Agey. I passed on buying any.


5. I did buy an issue of Prehistoric Times which I also never heard of.


It was 25 cents.