So of course, thank you thank you to everyone who read and responded to what I wrote last night. It was obviously a low point of fatigue concerning the ongoing sagas of my family. Your support meant a whole hell of a lot.

First off, in silly news, I ate a beet and blue cheese salad, filet au poivre with mashed potatoes, and a macaroon topped with ganache this evening. Food is good, food is life.

Second, some big news. Step bro is being welcomed back to his group home. He should not be returning to the island. Fingers crossed that it will work out.


Third, big BIG news. Today we went to check out a retirement home. But that’s the wrong term, because this place is basically a resort. All inclusive, nurses on every floor, heated pool and water aerobics, sunset boat tours, coffee bar, cocktail lounge, salon and spa, and the rooms have full kitchens, laundry, walk in showers, the works. The apartment we looked at today is about 900 square feet with an open living/dining room and a den. They permit cats! Sweet Potato is welcome! I thought that we would just have a look round today with much consideration after, but we’ve got a deposit down on the apartment because my grandmother said, “I wish I could just snap my fingers and live there.” So we are going to make that happen.

I will be so, so relieved to know that she has both independence - her own apartment - and 24/7 help if she needs it. This will be her first time living in a new building, in an apartment no one else has ever lived in, with a new kitchen with granite counters and stainless appliances. There’s a lovely common dining room plus they will bring meals to your apartment. Physical and occupational therapy. An art studio. A library. A fitness center. Outdoor fire pit, porch swings, gardens looking over the water. I am ready to move there myself!

Grandmere grew up in the great depression. Her family had very little money. She worked through college and then became a teacher for most of her life. She lost her husband in 2007, her son in 2017, and because of her pension and my grandfather’s she can finally live a life of comfort and peace. She is, in many ways, my best friend. Thanking the universe tonight for our enormous good fortune, and thanking y’all for helping me through the dark moments which lead me here.