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Day of Reckoning For My Busted Wrist

First of all, hello Groupthink! This is my first post here, and I'm so pleased to finally be a part of the posting privileged. Just a quick warning: I'm going to take this opportunity to write fairly graphically about my broken wrist. If things like that make you squeamish or disturb you in any way, it's probably best to stop reading now and we will meet again on another thread. Hi and bye!

SO. Exactly four weeks ago, I got thrown off a horse. Actually, I got thrown off a horse twice, but the first time I managed to land nicely. The second time, however, I guess I stretched out my left hand to stop myself, because there was kind of a crunch and when I took a peek, my wrist had a brand new angle. The pain was not bad at all, so I decided that I had dislocated it, and called my parents to come pick up the car and take me to emerg.


My mom is a retired nurse, and when she arrived she let me know gently that, um, wrists don't actually dislocate honey. It's most likely broken. Which was confirmed by x-ray a few hours later, with the doctor turning to me and telling me that I'd done a pretty good job of it. I'd snapped the radius and impacted it. It would need to be manipulated and re-set.

EW. Fortunately, I was pretty hopped up on adrenaline, which was making me quite chipper and chatty, to the point that the medical staff was looking at me funny. The decided to do a local anasthetic, which involved injecting freezing around the break. Honestly, the grossest part of the whole thing was feeling the needle scraping against my bones. Once it was good and numb, a nurse grabbed my arm and a doctor grabbed my hand, and they just HAULED on me. It went on for a good ten minutes, with the doctor going red and out of breath from the exertion. I felt no pain whatsoever. Unfortunately, they were only able to get it most of the way lined up, so they splinted me and made me an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon.


So I've been going in for x-rays every week since. The surgeon initially said that even though the bone was a little out of alignment, it would likely knit fine as long as it didn't shift during healing. And for three weeks it was all good! Then last week, BAM, the end point of the radius had slid back and tilted. That was a very bad day. Having a bone reset that's had three weeks to heal is super unpleasant. The freezing doesn't work as well, and the broken ends are 'sticky' and have to be coaxed apart. It's not something that can be done gently, and I felt it. I felt bone move over bone. I especially felt the part where he slammed on my wrist to try to shove it back in place. For the record, I am very grateful that I live in a time and place where fracture specialists and painkillers are a thing. I can't imagine being giving a piece of leather to bite down on while a couple of farmhands do their thing.

Anyways, the thing that motivated me to write this is that I'm on my way for another x-ray. If everything stayed where he left it last week, it's not likely to move again at this point in the healing, so I'm good to go until the cast comes off. If there has been shifting, then I'll need surgery and pins and plates and whatever. So I am super nervous about this appointment. And I would very much appreciate any good vibes you have to spare. Also, I would love to hear your tales of broken bones! This is my first break and I feel like I'm part of a club now.

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