Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Day Of Reckoning, Nigh

So, there's this girl. I really thought that when I decided to just see what happened (in the long long ago, like srsly two whole weeks) I was buying myself months, years, maybe forever.

And then this woman wanders into my periphery and she is interested in hanging out. And she knows who I am, and she apparently only hasn't said anything before now out of respect for my relationship, and now I'm having to actually weigh it all out in real time. What are my rights vs. my responsibilities, and how much of the former do you give up taking on the latter? Plus Mr. Martini is now upset that I seem distant, and I have yet to knock him upside the head whilst screaming "you insisted on it, you moron!" So I am in no state to possibly see anyone because there may be some spite in there and I don't do things that are important just to tweak noses.


Instead of dealing with thorny ethical issues plus maybe the rules of sort-of-hanging-out I think I will play civ5 and maybe build a forest.

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