I just took the day off. To finish that math lesson plan/ not go crazy. When I told my friend that I needed to write a math lesson plan/paper, he sent me a link to Frog Fractions. Check it out or google it, really.

THANKS FOR NOTHING, DUDE. (But also, that’s awesome.)

I am taking an Amtrak from Oakland to PDX to see my parents this time, because I really like that trip. I leave at around 9pm Sunday and get there around 3pm Monday. I bought the ticket about 20 minutes before I read about that derailment. Whatever, I still love trains.

My plan is to study for my CSET (one of the billion teacher subject exams I need to pass before the summer.) What will actually happen: I will stare out the window for 17 hours.

Then I will begin family medical leave.

Dad now has a hospital bed, a walker, and a hospice nurse who comes in every Monday. This is weird.