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But what a view. Apparently husband can’t navigate for shit, plus the front desk gave us shit directions to the Metro. In an Uber now heading to the Smithsonian,. ETA that’s the Washington Monument and the Capitol, if you couldn’t tell

ETA again: whew, we did a lot of walking. We originally set out for the metro station, but never figured out where it was. We ended up walking all the way to Arlington Cemetary, then hailing an Uber. (As my husband kept saying, “We weren’t lost! We knew where the hotel was, and we ended up in Arlington!” Awww, ok honey, we weren’t lost. The metro station was).


We went into the Natural History museum, because that was where we were dropped off. And basically spent all day there. My feets is so tired. But I got to see the Hope Diamond again- I was obsessed with basically anything in the Guinness Book of World records as a kid, so Hope Diamond and the Winchester Mystery House have both been bucket list items I have seen. Plus, I love looking at shiny rocks. We saw dinosaurs, I took an excellent pic of the T. rex skeleton with some very on point red lighting, I bought some rocks from the gift shop ($5 cheapie- I wasn’t springing for a $100 geode!). We walked out onto the National Mall and enjoyed the beautiful weather while we waited for our Uber back to the hotel. I gave the Capitol building the double bird. We decided to order in tonight at the hotel, and will probably just do the monuments tomorrow. I need to give honest Abe a hug. Also need to take a pic of me giving a hand job of the Washington Monument. Because I’m a patriot.

Other pics:

Smile T. rex!

Do I have mastodon in my teeth?

The Hope diamond: proof money can’t buy taste.


And unlike the Capitol, here is a public institution that takes serving the public seriously!

I beg that statue of Smithson gives the Capital the double bird as well.

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