Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Day two of being sick at home: mucus war

When I'm sick, I should not do things like start a discussion about the state of my marriage, drive cars, or use the stove, because I can't remember why I got up off the couch 5 seconds after I get up off the couch. Husband gently reminded me that I am sick and can't think straight, and went and got me soup and mucinex, so I am talking to him again. (seriously, we had the most ridiculous non-fight fight and I didn't talk to him other than pleasantries for two days because of no reason at all. I should not have serious discussions when I'm sick). The movies on Cinemax and HBO today suck, so I half heartedly watched "The Rock", now I've stumbled across a marathon of "Renovation Realities", which is much more fun to watch. People thinking they can rennovate stuff, and failing miserably. SO MUCH SHADENFREUDE! I love these middle class people who think they are so competent, and then melt when they encounter water damage. I'm putting off doing the neti pot, because it feels gross, but my face hurts so I need to do it. There is no point to this post, by the way. Just in case you were wondering. Here, have some gifs that show up when you google "Illness gifs"!


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